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You will benefit tremendously by learning to quiet and calm your mind. You need to be careful though, not to go overboard in your need for space and quiet.

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Too much alone time is really not good for you, in a way you will find a way to deal with tension is to spend more time with friends, open up and share. Now you also need to be mindful when it comes to your diet, you need to watch your intake of sweet and fatty foods, as your weight gain can be a problem. Work on avoiding caffeine and alcohol, but also avoid smoking. You can definitely replace some bad habits with daily vigorous exercise, such as dancing or aerobics, something you can do in a social environment, as it will also help you destress your mind.

You are a born entrepreneur. You may often find you will dominate in variety of careers, especially in fields of science, business, sports or art. You may also find yourself in the world of entertainment, and a successful career at that.

Numerology : the number 3 personality (if you're born on the 3, 12, 21, or 30)

You will most likely always rise to management level, or you may find yourself most comfortable in working for yourself and becoming high-flying entrepreneur. These men and women subconsciously seek out friends who can give them validation. They seldom become romantically involved with someone who lacks the potential to be a friend.

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They place great importance on partnership in marriage. The relationships made in childhood affect lives of December 21 people forever.

All the baggage that comes with a difficult childhood can weigh on their emotional health. Despite this, they are excellent parents who can transcend their negative experiences. December 21 people have a sense of vulnerability about their health. They need to be fiercely motivated in order to begin a fitness routine, but once they start seeing improvement, they can become fitness fanatics. It's important for them to add a spiritual aspect to their life to create harmony.

This could involve your work as well as your personal life.

Your Date of Birth: Your Life Path Number

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As far as your finances go, you seem to be happy with the balance at the end of the month. Characteristically, you connect with your projects to make them your own and the outcomes have been successful. Usually, this Sagittarius birthday person likes being useful. He or she will generally exceed the expectations of others.

You have a knack for juggling investments and you feel the sensible thing to do is to save it. The December 21 horoscope predicts that underneath all of that coolness is a big heart. Your friends say that you are extremely liberal and passionate. As their friend, you have been trustworthy and unswerving. Once you make a friend, it becomes a lasting relationship. The December 21 birthday love compatibility report shows that the highlight of a partnership is companionship for you.

Life Path Number

Nothing gives you more pleasure than to enjoy a concert in the park with your lover, your best friend. For this relationship, you will make the needed compromise to make the other person happy. Additionally, you need someone with an active imagination to keep things popping in the bedroom. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

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Your friends who you grew up with have a tremendous impact on who you are today. It could be that your childhood was unforgettably good or bad. Its lasting impressions could be holding you back or altering your life in some way. The December 21st astrology predicts that your emotional health could affect your physical being.

Numerology Survey #1 – Birth Dates

Negative forces have a way of getting into the body and posing as an illness. Test Now! Getting you on the treadmill can take an act of Congress.

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But once you start to reap the benefits from exercising, you will go to the gym willingly then. All you needed was a little motivation. Too much of anything is not good for you including exercise. The future of person who born on 21 December will be promising and rewarding. The December 21 zodiac shows that you are patient and kind individuals. You have a way of making success look easy, but you work hard to achieve the status you have. Sagittarians born today love the sound of live music and want to share the good times with someone special.