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A complete cycle of sixty lunar years is made up of five - twelve year cycles. This twelve-year cycle is sometimes called "The Yellow Road of the Sun". A certain animal represents each year during the Chinese New Year. Legend tells us that when Buddha lay on his deathbed, he asked the animals of the forest to come and bid him farewell.

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These 12 were the first to arrive. Based on the order of their arrival, Buddha gave each animal a year of its own, bestowing the nature and the characteristics of each to those born in that animal year. However, this is only one version of the legend. In certain far Eastern countries, the cat is the astrological symbol instead of the Rabbit.

The animal year in which you were born profoundly influences your life. The Chinese say, "This is the animal that hides in your heart".

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These traits afford many benefits when trying to further a career or when looking for work. But they can also get one into trouble, as they can be seen as being narcissistic. The Monkey is animated, energetic, quick, friendly most times! So, this year is a year to take time to slow things down and contemplate, as happenings are likely to be quick and fast-changing. Financial matters are especially important, since you don't want to make hasty decisions in what may be a disorderly year.

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The Sheep signifies a calmness and gentle demeanor. This is a year to reflect and give thanks. It is a time to be perceptive to beauty in art and in others. Compassion is a key element to this year. Those born in this year can be worrisome and shy, which tends to be a side-effect of compassion and care-giving in women. This is a year that brings optimism and general good luck for those who are diligent in their efforts.

It is a good time to undertake projects that have been put off in the past. The year can also see some temperamental action and behavour, so it is wise to remember to be level-headed and calm when working towards goals. Romance may take a back seat to career ambitions this year, but there is always the possibility that the focus on success brings unexpected relationships and love.

This is a great year for scholarly and scientific endeavours and research. Unexpected changes will bring great new opportunities for rebuilding and construction, as long as you always plan cautiously and carefully. Travel is well-starred, especially over water. Relationships tend to intensify during this year, becoming closer and deeper.

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This is an unpredicatable year full of unusual events with both big ups and downs. Ambition and power will be consolidated however the over-abundance of optimism and confidence may lead some into pitfalls. This intense year is an excellent time to start a business, marry and have children. Big risks bring big rewards. Those who dare, win.

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This is also a big year for geological upheavals. Much of the volatility of the last year will settle down with less drama and less confrontation as more effort is placed into keeping the peace. Even though there will still be crises and tense situations, there is also a better chance of resolving the difficult issues whether in the home or on the world stage. Tarot has an impressive history.

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It was brought out of ancient Egypt by the gypsies and is really a method of encoding the secret wisdom of the Pharaohs in symbolic form. Or, if you prefer, the ancient Tarot evolved in the mists of antiquity in India and portrays a secret path of initiation. Both histories have been popular in their time and are usually swallowed without comment. The facts are that there is no evidence of Tarot being in existence before the 14th century but that doesn't sound very romantic - unless you want to be really obscure and tie it in with the hidden symbolism of the heretical Albigensian sect in France.

The average individual will still prefer the one about the gypsies and the Egyptians. Get My Free Ebook. Reading Tarot Cards Revealed. The Art Of Astrology. Recommended Reading Tarot Cards Revealed. Post a comment Name

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