Leo daily horoscope january 22

Carry a small cloth sack with some pink salt in your bag. Remember that lucky charms must be soaked with your energy to be effective. Your health requires your commitment today. You can't stop the treatments you've been undergoing and believe they're going to be just as effective. Remember to consciously continue the methods, take medications and actions required by that treatment you have already begun.

Love and cherish yourself. All about Capricorn. All about Sagittarius. All about Aries. What a difference a day makes! To make this a spectacular day, you might travel somewhere exciting.

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If you cannot travel, you can explore your own city or perhaps you can expand your world through learning something new? Business and commerce are favoured today. You will benefit from the wealth of others because they will do favours for you or give you gifts or even money — obviously, this is an excellent day to ask a bank for a loan or mortgage. Plus romance is hot!

This is a lovely day for dealing with members of the public and hanging out with good friends and partners because everyone wants to see your face. They love you! Fair Venus and lucky Jupiter are lined up directly opposite your sign. This is an excellent day at work or for any task that you set yourself today.

Your daily horoscope: January 22

You feel strong and vigourous. What makes things really perfect is that you will get praise from coworkers and bosses today. In fact, some of you might get a raise. Oh yeah. When a fun, playful day!

The Week Ahead for Leo

Make plans to party with people you love. Take a long lunch or perhaps play hooky? Join the gang for Happy Hour. Enjoy sports events, playful activities with children and anything to do with the arts and the entertainment world. Great day for a romantic date. This is a fabulous day for real-estate negotiations. A relative might be generous to you today. In fact, this can be one of the most exciting, expansive times in your life where you truly find yourself.

Leo daily horoscope – January 22

A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on January 21 calls you to release any and everything about your life that is not serving you and that you know you don't want to bring into the New Year. A major turning point in relationship is also possible, but it looks to be more about a commitment than a break.

This is because Jupiter, the planet of blessings and luck, will continue to move through your romance sector until December 2, bringing you plenty of opportunity to open your heart and enjoy falling and being in love.

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If you're already committed, it's possible that you and your sweetheart will have a child this year. If you're completely single, you will absolutely enjoy multiple romantic offers. Your work and career, however, seem to be the main event of thanks to key eclipses along with Uranus making serious tremors in your 10th House of Career. You might begin the year starting a new job thanks to the January 5 Solar Eclipse.