December 29 horoscope leo or leo

With the Moon in Libra, all zodiac signs want to fulfill the emotional needs of self and others. The Moon will be in the sign of Libra all weekend until it moves into Scorpio just in time for the new year to arrive. When this happens, you'll be less driven to please others and more desirous of satisfying needs that you have yourself.

Your December Horoscope, Revealed

Aries, today's Libra moon can put your desires at odds with those of others around you, but you can find a way to play fair especially if you've had your way recently and got what you wanted. Be open minded and share what your needs are with your partner, and having a list is okay too. If you have to run errands or get some tasks finished, make time for fun later so everyone is happy. Taurus, your own defenses can be dropped today and yet, you still should keep your eye on what it is that can quickly bring you down.

Daily Horoscope – Leo Zodiac Star December 29, 2017

You can try to wipe the slate clean and do things with a hopeful attitude. You can be open minded while not be codependent on others to make you feel happy. Gemini, you can feel super special today and even when there's a little bit too much going on, finding something interesting about others while having attention on you, too.

Cancer, there's a time and place for everything.

Planetary Row

You can find home the place to be. Make things cozy. Light some candles. Bring out the sensual comforts and if you're the type who loves to bake, think comfort food and decadent delights.

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Leo, you can inspire others today with a smile, your love and your shining presence. You can work well with others, and say things that doesn't upset others. Virgo, your need to care for others and to make sure people have what they need hits a high note today.

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If you're shopping, you might find you still are enjoying buying gifts for loved ones and need to scale back a bit in case you tend to overspend. It's not too late to plan for Christmas Libra, your desire to be heard and to hear is met with grace and acceptance. You may find this to be the best time for you to journal, open your heart and let love in.

Leo Daily Horoscope for December 29

Scorpio, the enemy of love is lack of time. Make time for those you love today, and if you're single, rebuild a relationship with yourself by showing yourself what it feels like to be cherished, loved and needed. Sagittarius, your mind and thoughts can be on how to make more friends and to give in the same way you receive. If you're in a group setting, something said that is less than complimentary about a friend or someone you love can bring out the protective bear in you.

However, some obstacles will get in the way of having fun early today. Things get easier—especially in your relationships—soon after.

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The moon in Libra lights up the home and family sector of your chart today, Cancer! However, you do feel some emotional blocks in your relationships, too. Just focus on getting your work done, and things will flow more easily. Information comes your way, thanks to the moon in Libra—but watch out for blocks concerning scheduling today. That said, fun and romance is in the air! Money is on your mind, thanks to the moon in Libra. It's important today that you be wise about spending your resources—ask for help if you need it!

The moon is in your sign today, Libra! As much as you hate saying no, you'll have to say it today in order to practice true self care.

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  6. Make time to rest today, Scorpio. The moon is in diplomatic air sign Libra today, and you're reflecting on your social life and the groups and associations you belong to. Do you still feel like you fit in, or is it time to explore new circles? What's in the stars for you in December? Read your monthly horoscope here.