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We have a New Moon in Virgo on August 30th, This New Moon is very very Virgo because we have 5 personal planets in Virgo if we count, of course, the Sun and the Moon , which is pretty unusual. Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets, and they meet up in conjunction once every 2 years or so, starting a new relationship cycle. We hold our values and our values hold us. On the other side of the zodiac, the Moon raises her eyebrows.

On August 1st, we have a glorious New Moon in Leo. The long-awaited Book of Fire by best-selling author Steven Forrest is now available! Act Now!

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Be the first on your block. And of course I would like for you to buy the book, but only if you think you might find it helpful. So far as I know, Linda Goodman, who wrote Sun Signs back in the s, is the only astrological writer who ever wound up wealthy for her efforts. For most of us.

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Astrological writing is a labor of love, in other words. Facing any kind of crisis or heartbreak in life, most of us would find an eye-to-eye session with a living astrologer to be more satisfying than a computer screen offering us pre-packaged nuggets about our current transits or progressions.

There are a lot of reasons for that, most of them rather obvious at the human level. People and machines may be developing an interesting symbiosis, but when the emotional chips are down, human-to-human, heart-to-heart, interactions are still the most appealing option for most of us. Beyond the obvious touchy-feely realities, there is another level to this distinction, something more intellectual, something that goes beyond empathy and a hug.

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The human mind can do something that no machine can do. It can meld all of the symbols together into one clear, coherent, emotionally connected package. Developments in artificial intelligence may change all that someday, but for now the human heart is still the premier instrument when it comes to pulling the diverse messages of many planets into a meaningful, coherent statement.

When I am teaching the more advanced kinds of astrological interpretation, I constantly beat this drum: integration, integration, integration.

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One day I realized that I could boil this critical skill down to one single pithy statement: always remember what you have already said. So simple to say, but it really encapsulates all the critical integrative principles. Lunar eclipses are not rare, but ones that coincide with a so—called "Super Moon" are a lot more unusual. And that's exactly what you will be seeing, provided that no clouds get in the way: a particularly big Full Moon going dark, maybe even turning coppery—red in the process. Caveat: absolutely guaranteed, the media is going to oversell it, leading to lots of disappointment among people who've been jaded by special effects in movies.

I can see the hyperbolic Yahoo! And of course somebody somewhere will have their fifteen minutes of fame by proclaiming some grand governmental conspiracy to conceal the fact that the Moon will collide with the Earth, probably due to some alleged malfeasance on the part of Hillary Clinton. Ignore the hyperbole, but please, if you possibly can, have a look at this sky—show! Just keep your expectations somewhere south of seeing a real—life Star Wars up there that night.

If you have a question about which theory is being used, then ask, politely. Moontracks will continue to utilize Tropical. If our calculations are wrong based on the Tropical Ephemeris, then we will gladly accept the inquiry and fix the error if it is blatant. Wikipedia Sidereal and Tropical. The view of the moon changes once we cross over the earth's equator. The angle changes along with the directions of the waxing and waning. The majority of the moon phase images on Moon Tracks are driven by the north of the equator perspective. The waxing crescent starts from our right and waning completes to our left.

South of the equator, that is reversed with the wax starting on the left and wane ends on the right.

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The two images of the moon phases, side by side, gives us a better understanding of how the same moon phases are viewed from the north and south hemispheres. A new southern hemisphere moon phase calendar has been added to Moon Tracks. The eclipse will be annular, meaning that this will be like a total eclipse but with a ring of light peeking out around the moon. Approximately two weeks before the solar eclipse will be the lunar eclipse over the eastern hemisphere on April 25, This eclipse will be a penumbral, meaning that it may not be too visible since it will be short and partial.

The last solar eclipse of is a total eclipse. The view-ability will be limited due to the location over the south pacific ocean. This eclipse belongs to the saros series Check out the time for your area, even if you don't get the chance to see it. The first lunar eclipse for , June 4, is a partial eclipse of lunar saros series Although some areas of the United States will get to experience, the majority of the eclipse will occur over the Pacific Ocean. The southwestern section of Alaska and all of Hawaii will get to view the partial lunar eclipse without any sunlight competition.

Most of Australia will get to view the eclipse as the moon rises between 6 - 10 pm depending on location while all of the west coast in the United States should be able to see a good portion of the partial eclipse as the moon is setting between and a. PDT on the west coast between 4 and 6 a. If you know your timezone, you can adjust the times of the current eclipses. If you don't know your timezone, there is a "what's my timezone" link at the bottom of the eclipse page to help you find it.

Many photos are posted via slooh. If you didn't get the chance to watch it yourself, treat yourself to the great photography around the internet.

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Now that Mars has finished up the retrograde motion in Virgo, we can start preparing for Venus to begin the retrograde motion in Gemini. Both signs are ruled by Mercury, so Mercury will again play a strong role in the Venus retrograde. Another interesting fact is that as soon as Venus ingressed Gemini on April 3, the planet also began an Out of Bounds transit that will last for two months.

Venus will start the retrograde motion transit on May 15 and transit in retrograde until June Venus will leave Gemini on August 7. This makes for a very long Venus visit this year. The last time that Venus was retrograde motioning in Gemini was May 16 - June 29, Tomorrow, the retrograde transit of Mars will begin in the sign of Virgo.

This is not all bad, you know! There are some real perks to the Mars transiting backward through Virgo. Did you know that there are a slew of well known athletes born with the Retrograde Mars in Virgo? Who woulda thought of that? Read the article posted at JAstrology Blogspot to learn more about this one. Mars Transit Information. You just might notice a change in some of your favorite pages. I spent this first week of January upgrading and redesigning some of the pages that originated at Lunar Living Astrology to fit better with the Moon Tracks Web theme.

I left the basic calendars alone since those are easier to read as is. However, the following pages have been revamped:. On some of these, the page URL has changed. If you have bookmarks for any of these pages, you might want to update that bookmark. The information is still the same, just the presentation and format have been changed to correspond with the page layouts.

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I've worked really hard to get all the calendars updated for the new year. If you notice that I've missed something, please feel free to let me know what page is having an issue URL and what you are noticing. Click on the "contact" link in the menu to the left of the page. It seems like more and more people are becoming interested in the transits through the declinations. I've added three pages devoted to providing this information to you in a format that you can look forward to see what's coming. I've sorted out the planets based on their speed of transit through the declinations.

The Moon has it's own page for obvious reasons. It zips through the declinations. The personal planets through to Jupiter move quickly, but not at warp speed, so they get a separate page. Then the Outer Planets, along with Saturn, has their own page. Each page will display a small graph at the bottom of the page for the month that you are viewing of those planets for the extra visual of the information.

Enjoy and Happy New Year! The bi-weekly transits graph and aspect list has been updated to remove - but added and The page gives a great visual of what to expect from the transits in the present and future. Sometimes, it is nice to look back as well, so I try to keep a couple of years in there for the retrospect. The list also includes Moon ingresses, planetary retrograde and direct stations, as well as all the major aspects. Select a date and check it out. Daily Transits. Everyone loves a countdown. Plus, almost everyone is curious when the next retrograde will begin and end.

To answer these questions, I created some scripts that will help you keep track of the next retrograde motion for the major planets. If the planet is already retrograde, the countdown will shift to the amount of time left to the end of the retrograde.

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The countdown will show years, months and days until there is less than a month. Then the countdown will show days, hours and minutes. I'm making it easier for you to bookmark Moon Tracks pages with some of my favorite social networking groups. There's a bit of a different perspective by adding in a twist of the Heliocentric Mercury perspective.

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